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Hamlet sings.

Martians dance.

Brownies for Jesus.

It's the Avante Garage!

"The best party in town!"
           -Clara Hieronymous, Nashville Tennessean
"The region's most creative and funniest ensemble!”
               -Jef Ellis, Broadway World
“The Favorite” Great writing, spirited performances and wonderful direction…Bravo!"
                                                      - Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NOHO Arts
"The theater virtually shakes with laughter!"
                                                    - Bill Dorris, Nashville Pride
"Frenzied, riotous and often brilliant unerring sense of joy!"
                     - Martin Brady, Nashville Scene
“Gave me an acute case of laughing cramps!”
                                                - Will Greenly, Vanderbilt Commodore
"Shakespeare is probably dancing in his grave and laughing outloud!"
                 -Clara Hieronymous, Nashville Tennessean
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