Avante Garage Melancholy Dane Hamlet the muscal Janet Titus Carla Coble

The Melancholy Dane!

Hamlet the musical!
McBeth! The Musical
        Les Miz!
A Tale of Two Cities The Musical
Smoky Mountain Mist
Les Miz Musical Avante Garage Joe Correll Michael Bouson musical
Almost A midsummer night's dream musical Avante Garage theater nashville los angeles


A Midsummer Night's Dream
Once Upon A Rainbow
Avante Garage Musical Once Upon A Rainbow Michael Bouson Joe Correll Maggie Wirth Stephen Henry
Avante Garage play Soutern Exposures michael Bouson Joe Correll Maggie Wirth Heather Fierabend
Southern Exposures
Whispers, Wigs, and Wenches
The Rivals Musical
Whispers Wigs and wenches avante garage musical michae bouson joe corell
Sci- Fi
USO 1945
Avante Garage Theater USO 1945 musical Michael Bouson Joe Correll  Stephen Henry Katie Barr Kathy Shepard jamey Green
Avante Garage musical Dusty's Dixie Dancehall joe correll micael Bouson maggie wirth stephen hery dawn renee
Dusty's Dixie Dancehall
The Great Spaghetti Murders
The Great Spaghetti Murders Avante Garage Audience Participation play comedy theater
The Favorite a play by Joe Correll
The Favorite

The Fatal Follies of '23

Fatal Follies '23.jpeg
The speakeasy avante garage theatre

The Speakeasy

The Avante Garage produces original musicals and plays in Los Angeles.