A Tale of Two Cities, The Musical
        Book and Lyrics by Michael Bouson & Joe Correll
Music and additional lyrics by Jamey Green & Kathy Shepard

Myron Guildentern is at it again! The fictional creative mind behind the "Rosencrantz" theater, apparently couldn't afford the rights to Les Miserables, so he decided to write his own version, telling Dicken's Tale of Two Cities. But his love of Les Miserables, as well as dozens of other musicals must have been on his mind when he was composing the score, because a lot of his tunes are vaguely reminiscent of a myriad of Broadway songs.

Les Miz: Tale of Two Cities is entirely sung, and features the songs,  "Best of Times, Worst of Times" , "Can You Hear the Peasants Song?", "Dream A Little Dream" , "One More Day" , and the happy, follies style, finale, "Best of Times" as Sydney Carton ascends to the guillotine.

Les Miz! (Tale of Two Cities) "Cliff Notes Version"
Best of Times, Worst of Times
Dream A Little Dream
The Color Song!
Gay Paree!
The Best of Times (finale)
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