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Whispers, Wigs and Wenches
The Rivals Musical
Adaptation by Michael Bouson & Joe Correll.
      Music and Lyrics by Kathy Shepard.

Whispers, Wigs and Wenches is a faithful retelling of Sheridans hilarious Restoration Comedy "The Rivals" with just a few updates, and the addition of several musical numbers that fit right into the spirit of the original play. The story tells of the romance between Captain Absolute and Lydia Languish, and is full of mistaken identity, letters that fall into the wrong hands, and a myriad of misunderstandings that could lead to a deadly duel.

Whispers, Wigs and Wenches features the songs "Finally In Love" "What A Young Woman Should Know", "Young Love", "Honor", And a finale that celebrates "love" in all it's forms.

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