The Musical

                      Book and Lyrics by Michael Bouson & Joe Correll

         Music and additional lyrics by Jamey Green and Kathy Shepard

Myron Guildenstern, the fictional owner of the "Rosencrantz" theater, has written a new musical, inspired by one of his favorite plays, Shakespeare's Macbeth. He has set all of Shakespeare's most famous speeches and situations to music, and created a bright, fun, and totally inappropriate musical, complete with a happy ending.

McBeth the Musical features such memorable songs as "Screw Your Courage" , "Is This A Dagger?" , "Hell is Murky", "Double, Double (Toil and Trouble)" and the rousing finale, "Scotland" where a joyous Macbeth finally ascends to the throne... and they all live happily ever after!

McBeth The Musical (trailer)
Scotland! (Finale)
Screw Your Courage
Unsex Me!
Set Scotland Free!
Duncan's Dead!
Spend The Night!
Hell is Murky!
Is This A Dagger!?
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!
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