Smoky Mountain Mist
An Appalachian Folktale

Book and lyrics by Joe Correll, Music by Jamey Green and Kathy Shepard, Additional lyrics and material by Michael Bouson

Set in the great Smoky Mountains, Smoky Mountain Mist tells the tale of two star crossed lovers, a mortal man named Daniel who falls in love with a beautiful witch called Anabelle. The townsfolk and other witches conspire to keep them apart, and Daniel must go on a quest to save their love.  The show features folk style tunes such as "Hauntingly Familiar", "The Still", "Smoky Mountain Morning" and "Comatosia's Song" a hilarious number where Daniel is confronted by an amorous witch who's been asleep for one hundred years (and looks it!)

Smoky Mountain Mist
Anabelle's Song
Comatosia's Song
Hauntingly Familiar
Smoky Mountain Mist Avante Garage Theatre
Lump In My Gravy
Smoky Mountain Morning
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