The Musical
      Book and Lyrics by Michael Bouson
              Music by Jamey Green
Additional material by Joe Correll and Kathy Shepard

Set in the 1950's, in Ocean City, Maryland, Sci Fi is a musical about Eugene a young and nerdy mad scientist and his dysfunctional relationship with his mother. Eugene spends day and night working in his laboratory in his mothers basement. One day he is contacted by Martians who conspire with him to take over the world, setting off a bizarre chain of events. Sci- Fi features such memorable songs as "Love At Near Sight", "I'm Sorry", "Crooning", "Taboo Tango", and "Women Behind Bars" a hilarious ode to the womens prison exploitation films of the 1950's.

Midnight Inspiration
Love At Near Sight
A.V. Club
I'm Sorry
Sci Fi
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