The Great Spaghetti Murders
Concept and Book by Michael Bouson and Joe Correll

The Great Spaghetti Murders is an audience participation play, where the characters freely mingle and interact with the audience. Partly scripted, partly improvised, The Great Spaghetti Murders is full of surprises and murder.  

The audience are all "mourners" at the wake of Vinnie Canneloni, an unscrupulous man hated by everyone, including his parents. During the course of the show it is revealed that Vinnie actually had two wives, one an Italian woman from New York, and one a southern society lady from Nashville. The guests are all treated to a full spaghetti dinner and musical numbers performed by the grieving family members. Until the festivities are interrupted when one of the relatives dies face first in her pasta!

The Great Spaghetti Murders
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