The Melancholy Dane!
Hamlet The Musical

         Book and lyrics By Michael Bouson and Joe Correll 

Music and additional  lyrics by Jamey Green and Kathy Shepard.

The play Hamlet is about a sad, indecisive man who can't decide what to do when his Mother and Uncle murder his father, the king, and take over the throne. It's dark, it's depressing, and it makes you think a lot about your mortality. Enter Myron Guildenstern, the owner of the fictional "Rosencrantz" theater.  Myron has decided to take Shakespeare's masterpiece and make it even better! He's written a full musical score that sets all of Hamlet's most famous moments to music.

​The show is faithful to the original text, so everyone still enjoys the classic tale, there's just more celebrating and choreography than in the original.  The Melancholy Dane features the songs, "Things are Rotten In The State of Denmark" , "He's in Love With a Fabulous Lass" , "To Be or Not To Be", "Alas Poor Yorick", "Hey Nonny Non", and the unforgettable finale, "Flights of Angels" where alls well that ends well as Hamlet and his crew reunite in heaven.

The Melancholy Dane! Hamlet The Musical (trailer)
The Melancholy Dane
A Song For The Bedchamber
Hey Nonny Non!
To Be Or Not To Be
Flights of Angels (finale)
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